OE Score Oral Calming Supplement For Horses

OE Score Oral Calming Supplement For Horses

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OE Score a calming and focus product specific for ropers. We have taken the base formula of OE Composed and adapted it to make a roper specific product.

The ability of your horse to score often determines your chance to win or lose at the highest levels of roping. Having calm, well-mannered horse in the box allows lowered numbered ropers and youth competitors to focus on the scoring and setting up their run consistently.

OE Score is designed as a delayed release product that works over 4 to 6 hours so you can make multiple runs on a single dose. OE Score can be dosed twice in one day if necessary. OE Score promotes the horse’s natural ability to create serotine. This helps create a sense of well-being, reduces acid in the stomach, and helps control blood pressure without limiting your horse’s performance.
4 doses per tube